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Kandura: the Arabic dress stain-resistant Made in Italy

Kandura or Dishdasha "CGP" 100% Twill Antimacchia, is the first Kandura, the typical male Arab dress, to be produced in Italy and to be exported throughout the Middle East. The fabric is repellent to the stains of sauce, coffee, sauces, sweat etc. It is not magic but it is reality: the only Dishdasha in pure natural fabric that does not have chemical agents or veiled patinas against stains but this natural yarn, worked with new technologies and with advanced needles, which does not allow dirt, if it is clean immediately with a wet cloth, to penetrate and stain the fabric.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new era of pure anti-stain twill cotton and the CGP fashion style is the first company in the WORLD that presents it throughout the Middle East.
With our stain-resistant fabrics we produce Kandure of all sizes slim size, regular size and over size.


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CGP Knitwear: only for Retailers

Discover our complete cashmere, wool and silk knitwear collections, expertly crafted and suitable for all occasion! Our stunning cashmere pieces are available in a fantastic variety of classic and timeless styles, as well as trend-inspired pieces to update your wardrobe with ease.

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Why choosing tonal dressing

Tonal dressing is a style technique which allows you to choose multiple pieces from the same or similar colour.
Begin by choosing colours and designs that you really like and which fit good on you (regarding skin and hair color) because this trend is all about pursuing your own style. Also, tonal dressing works with absolutely anything; jumpers, trousers, trainers and even your accessories! Celebrate your personality with pieces that will make you feel happy and confident.Tonal dressing is the easiest way to pull together a chic look and only involves one shade or tone, from top to toe: nude, taupe and beige shades as well as grey, blue or black. 
When it comes to choose a colour tone instantly the result is a simple, clean look. While choosing tonal dressing outfit it's better to keep some aspect in mind:

  • Play around with texture to add depth to a single-colour look.
  • Pay attention to details – every part of your outfit should match, including your shoes, sunglasses and bag.
  • If you can’t find shoes to match your tonal ensemble, pick a contrasting shade.

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Habits of a stylish man

  • They are confident in what they wear

a stilish man knows that confidence is the key to look good. he's confident whatever he wears 

  • They spend money on quality

They are not slave of a fashion trend but follow a timeless style. They recognize the importance of choosing  quality garments and invest on it. 

  • Everything they wear fits

They perfectly know their body and which style or kind of garments suits them

  • They do not exceed with brands

You will never see them wearing a unique brand from head to toe

  • They pay attention to details

Everithing they choose is checked in minimum details: they know the importance of the finest detail

  • Their wardrobe is well organised

Everithing has a place from shoes to accessories

  • Their motto is less is more

They prefer quality to quantity and invest in long lasting garments and timeless style


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How to choose the right tie

When it comes to Men’s ties there's a world  of patterns, colors and sizes, but there’s an art to matching the right tie to fit every occasion occasion. 

Avoiding the last trends on  fashion or style you can always choose a solid color, dotted or stripped tie, which work well for most occasions, when choosen accordingly with your shirts and suits.

Regardless of your choice, the guideline to always follow is to choose the right length for your height. The rule to follow is making sure the bottom of the triangle on your tie meets the top of your belt buckle. In terms of width, the normal size is 8 to 9 centimeters, and while you can pay to opt out and go wider, these sizes tend to never go out of fashion. 
There's a wide range of textures and materials:  you can purchase polyester blends for office or casual wear, but for business meetings and special events always choose silk or silk blends.

When you’re ready to shop for the ideal tie for a suit the first thing to consider is bringing your suit along with you, o You’ll need to figure out an idea of how the tie knot will look in combination with the suit itself. In some cases your jacket might be a sports coat and you’ll need to take in consideration of the pants as well. tips to follow in general:avoid ties with pictures, comics and anything that stands out to draw too much attention. These types of ties are particularly informal, so the advice is to wear them in family occasions or birthday parties. For formal occasions,  or business meetings, you should limit your selection to only conservative ties that avoid attention.


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