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Cgpwear is one of the first online shopping websites that offers a vast range of men's, women's and children's shirts, made with fabrics and materials of the highest quality that are 100% ‘Made in Italy’.

Our brand of shirts has been on the national and international markets for many years, but every year our experience and expertise grow, increasing the number of customers who are happy to be part of our project.

This year, we are presenting a world premiere: 100% stain-resistant tailored cotton twill thobes and dishdashas that are now available throughout the Middle East.
The CGP brand was founded by two young Italian entrepreneurs who inherited their love of fabrics and clothing from their father, the creator and founder of the first company, TINSILONE, which still trades on the Italian market.

Thanks to our experience and to our constant search for niche, high-quality fabrics, we are pleased to announce the launch of our first tailored shirt: a stain-resistant 100% pure cotton twill shirt that can repel any kind of stain, such as wine, coffee, sweat, etc.

Our CGP clothing brand allows you to keep up with the latest fashion on any occasion, thanks to brand-new models, skilled tailoring and our search for ever-better fabrics, an approach that never fails to focus on the quality and beauty of real Italian clothing.

Our company produces all its garments in Italy, using the best techniques available on the market. Should customers request it, we can create and sew clothes entirely by hand, creating a truly 100% handmade garment that is unmistakable.